Some of you might be thinking, “Who is she? Why should I follow her? How did she get here?”

First, let me start by explaining the name of my blog, FAIRY TELL FASHIONS. Thinking about my personal life experiences made me realize that I have a story to tell. Life is not a fairy tale, but together we can make it one! I want to share, express and “TELL” others what I have learned, bringing positive strength to your world! My goal is to help you feel inspired and uplifted, while doing it all in style. So here is my fairy tell story, and I can’t wait to read yours!

I was the little girl who, like so many, just wanted to “fit in.” I had this big dream that life was perfect, all people were kind and the road ahead was going to be magical. My life was going to be exactly how I imagined it. Turns out I was wrong! Anyone else have that same experience?

I learned that life is about choices, obstacles, willpower, visions, balance and self-determination. A lot of us live in that dream-like world – hoping that our own version of a fairy tale will just automatically happen – when, in reality, we as individuals have the power to make it happen.

As I grew older, I realized that I was “different,” and that was okay! Choosing to stand out and chase after my passions set me free! There would be hurdles to overcome, but the main one was within myself. What was holding me back? Turns out it was me all along.

If anyone was going to turn my dreams into reality it was going to be me! I started gaining confidence in the person I was. I chose to just be myself and pursue my wildest dreams. Combining design, fashion, photography and fitness allowed me to express myself. It has also allowed me to inspire others! So know this, life might not be the fairy tale you imagined, but it can definitely be the one you create! I want to encourage you to chase your dreams. Only you have the power to make them happen!

“Fashion Through the Seasons”
Fashion in Cleveland is tough and a little crazy, if we are being honest! One day it is 45º and the next it has jumped to a whopping 85º. How do we dress for that? Follow my wardrobe spring, summer, fall and winter.

“Fashion Tips and Tricks”
We all love fashion, but how do we afford it? I share tips and tricks to buying the things you want. I love to shop, but I also love to save! Find out where I’m shopping and how I’m saving!

“Fitness Without Weights”
How do I stay in shape and not lift weights? I have a herniated disc in my lower back and vertigo. These issues have allowed me to explore working out with limitations.

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