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Are you interested in great fashion, great tips and a give-a-way?! YES, I said give-a-way! Well, it all started with a little shopping trip! It was my the month of April, snowing (crazy but true!) and I walked into cutest boutique! Not only did I want to buy everything, I fell in love with the story that was soon to unfold! (Now by the name of my blog you know I love a FAIRY-Telling a story!) First question “Hi, are you April?” of course thinking the boutique was named after a person, April Snow. I quickly learned the identity behind this boutique was much more then a simple name. It was a story, one that I wanted to unfold. Suzanne Blair is the store owner and opened this boutique a little over a year ago. She was living in Hawaii when her husband’s job transferred them to Cleveland. Can you imagine living in Hawaii and packing your bags to come to Cleveland. Suzanne was not the least bit worried, she was determined. She quickly put her talents to work and opened April Snow Boutique. The name came to her based on our crazy Cleveland weather where it snows in April! How fitting, as I looked outside the front window and snow was literally falling down. Store Manager and sweetheart Anna Blair guided me around the boutique leaving me speechless with her incredible expertise. I learned the boutique carries a great balance of designer, local, and MADE IN THE USA based products. I was sold, and you should be too! I am excited to announce that I will be collaborating with this amazing Boutique! We are already planning a give-a-way THIS MONTH! Stay with us and also get tons of fashion tips and tricks! Stick around for a June Delight, and no snow! Guys, if it snows in June we all should move to Hawaii!


If you want to know denim, start here! This Jean Jacket is by far my ultimate favorite! It has a little bit of stretch which makes for an incredible fit (on anyone, any shape, any size!) With it’s distressed features and super soft feel you will find me wearing this all summer long! Want it but can’t get to the store? It is available online just click on the word “Jean Jacket” and you can shop it there!