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Blanket statements:
We are all unique.
We are all special.
We are all extraordinary.
We all have bad days.
We all have passions.
We all have goals.
We all have fears.

This list could go on… and on! When we start to compare, we tend to easily forget about the qualities we do have. Then it’s a sea of sadness that sets in. (Anyone been here, depression/comparison mode: she got this many “likes”, they went on that amazing vacation, he gets her flowers once a week.) Look, there will always be someone who is different from you. Yes different, instead of thinking that those things are “better” why can’t they just be different? That’s what makes us all special, cause we are all different! It’s a simple quote but one I think we need reminded on, “Comparison is the thief of joy!” Hug yourself, love yourself and just be yourself. The blanket scarf is a fun wardrobe piece! How will you wear yours? Maybe you buy it in a different color, or wear it in a different way! Just be you! I gave some simple ideas below! As always thanks for reading! All opinions expressed are my own. – Lisa


OUTFIT DETAILS: Scarf – (Eula Ferns), Vest – (Forever 21, similar not exact), Jeans – (Free People), Turtleneck – (H&M, similar not exact), Boots – (Steve Madden, similar not exact)

IMG_7836 IMG_7835 IMG_7834 IMG_7830a IMG_7827a IMG_7826a IMG_7825a IMG_7824 IMG_7823 IMG_7821 IMG_7818 IMG_7815