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Do you wear your outfits more then once? So do I, it’s true! I really wanted to showcase this outfit in a couple different ways. I am finding a common myth in the fashion blogging world is this, we wear our outfits only once. Now true, it might be a little repetitive showing the same thing over and over. Having everyone think I only wear an outfit once, even worse! I love to change up my outfits all the time. Adding a sweater, changing from a skirt to jeans, or layering something with a vest! There are so many different ways to wear the same thing! As I watch other fashion bloggers, I realize no one usually shows the same outfit twice. Is this crazy or what? Unless you are a millionaire trust me we wear our outfits again! So next time you look at your closet, just change it up. That sweater you just wore to work, change it up and wear it with a pair of jeans and vest! Seems like a new outfit to me!

BUSTED, Blog myth buster: I wear my clothes more then once! What’s your favorite thing to change in an outfit to make it feel different?

Sweater – AnthropologieWrap Front Skirt – H&M, Vest/Jacket – Banana Republic (showing similar jacket, not exact), Jeans – Free PeopleHigh Heels – Dillard’s – Steve Madden, Jewelry (mixed) – Alex and Ani and Target


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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