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Patterns are hard to break or hard to start! That goes for fashion, life and design! Creating patterns, living patterns, and getting used to patterns all affect us in one way or another. Do you wake up, have a cup of coffee, go to work, go to the gym, start laundry, text a friend or loved one? We get used to the daily patterns. When they stop, do you stop? Or it is time for an adjustment. My week is all out of WACK, and my typical pattern is definitely being affected! This is the first week in ten years I am waking up to not go to work! WHAT?! How do I do this? This scarf is reminding me there is always new pattern to be found! I am saying goodbye to old patterns and looking forward to new ones! Do you get used to patterns? Do you like to wear patterns? Are you ready to create new patterns? I AM! Hello pattern world, I am ready for you!


Sweater – (Forever 21, similar not exact), Skirt – (Express, similar not exact) or (Forever 21, similar not exact), Jewelry – Alex and Ani, Pattern Scarf – (Blush Boutique), Booties – (Nordstrom), Tights – (Express)


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