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It’s a uphill battle some days tying fashion in with a bad morning! I have found the struggle is real. When you are going through a hard time in life sometimes the last thing you want to think about is fashion. Trust me I’ve had those days, the ones you want to just stay in bed all day. Fashion, make-up and pretty much anything feels like an uphill battle. Your wardrobe becomes your bed. Your hair is a mess, you look at yourself in the mirror and you think “train wreck”. Yes the days of yoga pants, pain and tears. Life is just hard sometimes, we all can relate in some way right? So one day I have a family member tell me about their bad day, I give some advise….. Later to find out it really helped! This not only put a smile on my face but a bright light went on! It made me realize maybe that’s the trick, to “Brighten It Up” sometimes. If you are having a bad day instead of doing the typical “stay in bed” and wear yoga pants. Dress it up, even if it’s a little. Wear a pop of color to brighten up your mood. Try to change your thought and it might just change the way you feel about your day. Even if you don’t feel like talking your fashion is speaking for you. So let fashion help,  get up, dress up and doll it up! For this look I am wearing HOT RED. Popping this red color makes my mood feel bright and cheery! Heck if you need to walk around your house in high-heels to get yourself going do that! Let fashion help get you through that bad morning.



Jeans – Francesca’s, Sweater – Free People, Cami – Express, Sandals – Charlotte Russe (way old I love them, so keep taking them in to get repaired), Earrings – Target



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