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Learning to go with the flow. Today is a big “Celfie” day for me, so don’t mind if I do. How many “celfie’s” am I allowed to take today? Thirty-seven does seem like a bit much. (Yes I just told you my age, it really bothers my husband more then me I think… he is closer to 40 lol). That’s the thing about birthday’s though. I am finding everyone has a difference of opinion, like everything of course. Some hate it because it’s another year to add on. Some love it for that same reason. I don’t believe there is a “right or wrong” way to celebrate your birthday. I simply believe you should do what makes you happy. If it’s throwing a party, spending it with friends & family or even going swimming. (Yes it’s true one year on my birthday I just simply went swimming.) What bothered me more was everyone’s preconceived notions that I was not happy. I kept hearing “your just going swimming; and alone?” Here’s what I found. That year I wanted to be alone, loved it and was truly happy with my choice. So sometimes you have to do what works for you and not the rest of the world, go with the flow so to say. This year I was wondering if Lebron would mind giving over his banner on the Sherwin-Williams building for a day. I would love my blog to be up on that wall! To much? Might be, so we are gonna go to the game instead!

SIDE NOTE: My learning to “go with the flow” birthday adventure. My original plan, ” the perfect birthday shoot” where I had a cute cupcake, candles and balloons. Here’s how this shoot actually went.

  1.  The cupcake place was closed. (When did that happen, and where have I been?)
  2.  I had zero time to buy balloons and I started to feel like everyone does that. (My head: Be original Lisa)
  3.  Candles, they only had a “7” at Target the number “3” was sold out (I actually did buy the #7 and three single candles, but returned them!)
  4.  This piece of cake, while YES Gluten Free came without a fork! (what?!, now mind you I wanted it to look pretty but I did want to eat it!)
  5.  Go with the flow: Ate it with my fingers and enjoyed every second laughing and capturing this moment! (lesson learned, just roll with it… things have a way of working out!)


Celfie Tee – (Etsy), Long Sleeve Tee – (H&M), Leggings – (Forever 21), Skirt – (H&M)Boots – (Steve Madden, similar not exact), High-Heels – (Jessica Simpson, Dillard’s), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani)

CAKE: Gluten Free, from Sweet Melissa


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