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We all love Disney’s® Cinderella story right? That long blue gown, that magical moment where the Fairy Godmother appeared. It’s the story that’s captured every girls heart. It also rings true when we zoom inside our lives. Asking why yet? Listen up, we don’t wake up looking (or feeling) like a Cinderella these days! Heck zoom in, and you will often find we feel more like maids then princesses! I can voucher for that! Why can’t anything stay clean, like permanently or at least for more then a day? My “OCD ways” do NOT help me in this area. When days are repeating and I find myself just cleaning, to then find it a mess all over again! Well it’s definitely time for my Fairy Godmother to appear (or as my mom would say just hire a maid). Now I don’t want anyone getting bed bugs or anything… but this post is to remind us to all take a “Cinderella day.” A time out from chores and cleaning and pleasing others above ourselves. So put on some “Cinderella Blue” and stop obsessing about that kitchen floor. Trust me I am working on this myself, but that muddy mess can wait! At least for a day or two 😉


Blue on Blue looks good on YOU! Wearing all different kinds of blues can be super fun! No they DON’T have to match! Chambray shirts are everywhere these days! This one is on sale at my favorite store Anthropologie and has a fun ombré look to it!
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Chambray Shirt – (Anthropologie), Lace Shirt – (H&M), Cami – (Express), Jeans – (Francesca’s, old school), Bootie – (Free People), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani), Camera – (Canon)


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