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We are officially in the full swing of summer, and country concerts! I’m loving, singing and dancing my way into every song! Many times I get asked why do you like country music so much? Although there are many answers, the one closest to my heart is that “hidden message” revealed deep in the song. When lyrics portray a profound meaning beyond what you expect it becomes heartfelt. Country music has a way of doing that. For example: If you don’t know the official meaning behind the Dierks Bentley song “I hold on”, I suggest you google it. I was fortunate enough to hear him tell the story at Blossom Music Center last year. It brought tears to my eyes, and filled my heart with love. So when you put together your wardrobe I want you to feel that same profound statement. Fashion too has a way of bringing deeper meaning to our hearts. Maybe it’s something hidden, maybe it’s something your kids made that it heartfelt? I hide a little crop top under this crochet tank and you can barely see it! So what is your wardrobe saying, do you wear something that has a deeper meaning?


This purse is only $24.90 at the link below. It is a steal of a deal, and is great to carry around to concerts! xo!


Crochet – (Forever 21), Crop – (Forever 21, similar not exact), Shorts – (Express), Cowgirl Boots – (Stetson, similar not exact), Jewelry – (Alex and Ani), Fringe Bag – (Forever 21)