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This summer filled with country concerts was a great “hot spot” for fashion inspiration! Ever feel uninspired by your own wardrobe, or don’t know exactly how to put things together. Find inspiration all around you! Looks at what your friends & family are wearing! Or follow my lead and people “fashion” watch at country concerts! It was great fun to watch the show, but a fashion bonus to see what the country mega stars would show up wearing! There is fashion all around us, sometimes it just takes an extra spark to ignite a new thought for your existing wardrobe! Not only am I a huge country music fan, but it is one of my favorite fashion trends! So i’ve gone country for this look, wearing everything that is over a year plus old! People watch, celebrity watch, even make sure to check out those manikins in the store! Be inspired! Be sparked! Wear those things you have in your closet in new ways!



This simple black dress can be worn in so many different ways! Buy one wardrobe piece that can be versatile for work, play and dress up!



Dress & Scarf – Express, Jean Jacket – (Divided, H&M), Boots – Stetson


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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