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The oh so famous “sweater weather” hashtag we love is circling back into town! It’s getting colder, and we are getting cozy! Cable knit “comfortable cozy”, the leading lady of all sweaters if you ask me! She is strong and powerful. She comes in many colors. She is extremely versatile! She can be layered and loved by oh so many! She has a presence that holds that “leading lady” title in a world full of sweaters. We each have lessons to learn in life, and I think at some point we also have to be leaders. Standing strong on our own in a world full of others. If you need a cozy, comfortable read (in your cable knit sweater), I highly suggest “Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion” by Derek Hough. Each of us have a calling, get “cable knit cozy comfortable” with what yours is today!

As always thanks for reading! All opinions expressed are my own. – Lisa


OUTFIT DETAILS: Jeans – (Free People), Plaid Shirt – (Banana Republic), Sweater – (Top Shop, Nordstrom), Heels – (Jessica Simpson, Macy’s), Flats – (Payless)