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Most of us at some point in our lives have experienced arts & crafts! One of my own personal favorites was paper cutting! I loved how all the different shapes would appear out of a plain piece of paper. Now, the same theory applies to fashion! Cut outs appear on clothes everywhere! I’m pretty sure each of you has a pair of “shredded denim” jeans right? How about destroyed tops though? Or, have you tried pairing two shredded pieces together? Below are some challenges I faced when trying to find a destructed sweater. First, understand that this trend may not work for everyone. Set yourself a goal to stop searching after five different attempts. BIG TIP: When shopping overall, know that certain fashion trends simply might NOT work for you! Which is great, because none of us want to look like clones! Second, try different kinds of shredded elements. I really liked the deep shoulder cut, but that big giant hole on my shoulder just didn’t work. (Note: I was NOT implementing rule #1! I tried on the same type of shred way too many times!) This one from Evereve was different. I loved the extra fabric and details! Finally, I found the missing piece to that big giant hole, lol. So lately, remember, keep your accessories simple. I choose a scarf for one look, and simple necklaces for another. Adding too much to an outfit with so much going on already can be overwhelming.

Anyone give up on the destroyed look overall? Remember, after five it’s bye-bye! All opinions expressed are my own.


AIMG_0198 AIMG_0202 AIMG_0213 AIMG_0227 AIMG_0228 AIMG_0234 AIMG_9191 AIMG_9202 AIMG_9214 AIMG_9227


OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater – (Evereve), Jeans – (Nordstrom; Top Shop, similar not exact here), Booties – (Free People), Scarf – (Mamina, Siena), Necklaces – (Target: similar not exact here), Earrings – (Target: similar not exact here), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani, mixed collections)