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What I am finding and hearing from a lot of people is this… We all simply want “real”, but what does that mean? Real feelings, real emotions, real fears, real talk. So why are we all working so hard to keep those feelings inside? Why can’t we just “cut to the crap” so to say. None of us want to be “Debbie Downers”, but let’s be honest we all don’t have it put together everyday! When you are in a creative field (or even writing a blog) you have to be open to critiques. At first we could feel mad about them, but maybe a better approach is to learn from them. My topic today is this. If someone provides you with constructive criticism do you think, appreciate it, and learn from it. Maybe not at first… I know sometimes I don’t! Overall to get to those real feeling and real emotions we need to let others talk real. Trust me none of us are perfect, (even if the photograph looks it)… so let’s just say it how it is. After, let’s take time to appreciate others for having the kindness to be real! As always, thank you for reading. xo – Lisa

PS: Cowgirl boots make you feel powerful. So if you are afraid to say something, or do something put a pair on!



Dress – (Forever 21), Cardigan – (Forever 21), Boots – (Corral, Country Outfitter), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani)