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Collaboration: The action of working with someone to produce or create something. We all have comfort zones and sometimes they are hard to break free of! For example: Sweaters in summer? Yes you can! This amazing lightweight sweater is incredibly cool. It feels like air-conditioning on! Although you might not be prone to wear a sweater in summer, try it before you decide! Printed shoes? Yes you can! Printed shoes are one of my favorite trends these days. I am amazed at how much they go with. Keeping your outfit simple is key. Don’t go pattern crazy, go shoe crazy! High waisted pants? Yes you can! I never thought I would love high-waisted pants. It is so nice not having to tug all the time. They simply stay up! Walk into a Boutique and start an amazing collaboration? Yes I can! A special shout out to April Snow Boutique. This past month was incredible. Boutique + Fashion Blogger = Glamorous give-a-way! All of you that partook in the June Delight give-a-way, YES WE CAN! We can make a difference, inspire, collaborate, share, uplift, and create something that is truly magical. YOU TRULY CAN this July, break free from a comfort zone! What will our July bring?


Fringe Shirt – (April Snow Boutique), Pants – (Anthropologie), High Heels – (DSW, Nine West), Jewelry – (Alex and Ani)