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Ever feel blue? Trust me you are not the only one. Where’s that hide out? Do you need a big floppy hat to hide from the sun, or how about a front row seat with blue skies to clear your mind. It’s the simplest things we often take for granted. I learned this lesson the hard way a couple weeks ago when “blue” was not my favorite color. After a weeks of blue ice packs and blue toes, I had a blue mood! Who knew a little foot sprain could leave you feeling so well, blue? It took me a day of hiding out, and this simple blue dress to help me feel like myself again. If you need to hide out grab this hat, if you need a simple pick-me-up grab this dress! Both worked wonders on my blue mood!


Wondering what color to wear. Go with your mood. If you feel hot; wear red, feel sad; wear blue, feel intelligent; wear white (think doctors!) Feel all three!!! Wear RED, WHITE and BLUE! Who felt patriotic wearing those colors? See colors really do affect our mood! XO everyone! Thanks for reading!

DID YOU MISS IT:  I gave away this three tired necklace & the temporary tattoos I’m wearing here last month! They are both from April Snow!


Dress – (Old Navy, similar not exact), Wedges – (Target, similar not exact), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani), Necklaces – (Mix, April Snow & Target), Temporary Tattoos – (April Snow), Floppy Hat – (Target)