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Anyone else feeling a little “spent” in more ways then one? Typically around this time of year most of our wallets feel spent, but our emotions can jump right on board. Well it happened to me this past Monday. I had hit the wall of total exhaustion. After a sleepless night, I woke (usual 5:30am) to get ready for work and couldn’t. My head was pounding, my hands were shaking, and I realized I there was no way I was going to be productive. We can all overdue it at times. Staying up to late, saying yes too much, trying to please others while putting ourselves last. My body had taken over. It was knocking on my head saying, “You time silly”. As I slept in till 11:15am (which by the way is UNREAL for me), I slowly started to feel like myself again. This time of year we can all easily overdue it. Balance is a key part to the holidays and life. Make time for you, and always listen to your body. Your presents will be prettier, your smile will be bigger, and your body will be happier! HAPPY SHOPPING AND WRAPPING THIS WEEKEND! Remember to not overdue it!



I seriously love wrapping presents! All of the wrapping paper and ribbon are from Target. I usually wait till the end of the season when it all goes on sale, but I could not resist!



Coat – Kenneth Cole; Macy’s (similar not exact) – or – another option (similar not exact) Calvin Klein; hooded, Wrapping paper and ribbon – Target “Christmas wrapping”


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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