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We all do it, we “free fall” into the trap. It becomes the one signature item in your closet we buy way to much of. You know you have an abundance of it, but somehow you seem to buy more and more! Anyone else fall into the “I don’t need this trap?” but “I have to have it?” It just works for you, it becomes your “go to piece”. You could wear this item for three weeks without repeating it once! Is it yoga pants (we all have way to many! Lol), is it shoes (every girl seems to have this problem), is it socks, purses, tell me I need to know! So here is my “Free Fall” trap. Scarves! They get me every-time when I’m out shopping. I seriously don’t need another one, but yet there I am free falling into the trap of buying one! So I decided to count all the scarves I have for an “official” blog post number…. (stay tuned! It’s WAY TO MANY!) I figured this out, I have a slight scarf problem. So as I was shopping with my girlfriend this question came up. I asked her “What’s the one thing you could wear for three weeks without repeating?” It took me awhile to get the answer right, but I loved it! So what’s your “free fall trap”, I would love to hear! Then maybe I will share the official scarf count number! Owning the fact you have a problem is the first step right?



Scarf (obsession) – Free People, Jeans – Anthropologie, Cami – The Blue Door Boutique, Earrings – Target


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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