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This girl… Meet my girl Kristi! She is my Friday Fashion Feature, and I adore her! I hope you will too! When you wake up and see the sun rising on the horizon… you know it is going to be a beautiful day. That is exactly what this girl is! She is SUNSHINE on the HORIZON. One thing I adore about the blogging community is the support of women encouraging women. I want to “turn the tables” a little bit on the blog today and talk about this ray of Sunshine! I swear this girl wakes up with sunshine in her oatmeal! (I’m saying oatmeal cause we both love it in the am!) Silly fact, but true! Another truth this girl is a complete go-getter. Something I think we all could learn from. She does not let fear stop her. I have watched, learned and adored seeing her find love… growth… fashion… deals… and heck find me! She loves meeting new people and will take it into her own hands to find new people and experiences. (FACT: She jumped onto a plane to meet fashion IG friends and get this! It was one of the best experiences she had.) I know fear can stop us, hold us back. Don’t let it! Take a minute to wake up with a little Kristi, and see the sunshine on the horizon. Do something that scares you. The outcome might surprise you! Could turn into an experience that is unforgettable.


Scared to wear stripes? Don’t be! Try them out! Can we just say how incredible this stripped horizontal top is? Check out the link below for one similar. Kristi bought it in store but I have linked one similar.


Skirt – (Simply Reese), Shirt – (Forever21, similar not exact), Belt – (H&M, similar not exact), Clutch – (Le Boutique Shop), High Heels – (DSW, Zigi Soho, old school – try Steve Madden, similar not exact), Necklace – (Target, old school – try Charming Charlie, similar not exact)


When they say diamonds are a girls best friend. They sure do mean it… especially when your birthstone is a diamond! (April birthday’s girls agree with me right? Not sure my husband has ever sided with this thought, but we are still working on it. lol) So, ask yourself why do most girls love diamonds? To follow why do they make us feel like a million bucks? To finish why is it the main stone of most wedding bands? It’s the sparkle if you ask me! Shouldn’t we all sparkle like a diamond sometimes? Letting yourself reflect on your beauty inside and out. Finding all those parts of you that make you shimmer and shine! With this look it was all about diamonds. I mean what girl does not want a few diamonds on their high-heels? Pair it with the perfect statement diamond earring and I was feeling like a sparkly gem! I all hope you find a little sparkle and shine today! What accessory makes you sparkle?


Skirt – (Express, similar not exact), Crop Top – (Express), High Heels – (Boutique 9 “Nosey” Pump), Clutch – (Banana Republic, similar not exact), Statement Earring – (Chicos, similar not exact), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani), Other Bangles – (Old Mix, Banana Republic, similar not exact)

SLIDE SHOW: Fashion Week Cleveland, a little slide show of our fun night out! Enjoy!


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