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Are you high on life? I’m realizing how important it is to have a hobby in life. Something that is just yours. Something that draws you in and makes you feel that natural high. I love this little blog, I love that I have finally found my voice. If you are a dancer, you should dance (even in the rain!) If you are a reader you should read. If you a photographer go take photos! I have seen so much happiness in others over the past year. I’ve watched others light up when they talk about their hobbies, when they find that passion. Take time to listen to them, it is their natural high. A simple thank you to everyone who has taken time to listen to me. It has made me feel high on life! Oh and for-sure I love high-socks now! Try a pair and tell me what makes you feel high on life! I would love to hear!



Sweater – (H&M), Jeans – (Free People), Boots – Steve Madden (Dillards, similar not exact), Socks – (Free People), Jewerly – Alex and Ani, Scarf – (Francesca’s, similar not exact)



AIMG_6776 AIMG_6795_REV AIMG_6798 AIMG_6802 AIMG_6803 AIMG_6807 AIMG_6813