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Now mind you I’m not a huge football fan, so before I get a bunch of haters! I do LOVE Cleveland and I support our teams 100%! (maybe more from a fashion point of view!) I mean how can you resist orange and brown? I am married to a hunter and complete Browns NUT, believe me I have learned to love orange and brown! Probably more then I would like! But…..  I’m officially happy to get my Sunday’s back! My typical Sunday questions….. When is the game on? When is it done? Are we allowed to not watch any part of the game? It’s like a ticking time bomb! I am running around like a crazy person trying to get things done before kick-off! Then “TIME STOPS” game’s on. Then we have the BIG question. This one I always hold my breath for “Did they win or lose?” Now predicts how the rest of my Sunday goes. This could be a serious shutdown! We still love our Browns, it’s true even me….. so let’s support them one more time this year in whatever “fashion” you like! Then cheers to getting my Sunday’s back!


Shirt – PINK, Victoria’s Secret (similar not exact), Hat – Giant Eagle (yes you read that right!), The Boyfriend Jean – Express (similar not exact), Boots – Steve Madden (similar not exact)


You might find cute outfits while grocery shopping! Your local Giant Eagle has really cute sports gear! (my hat!)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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