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How to find the perfect pair of jeans?! I love getting input from my followers and one of my amazing girlfriends asked me “How do I find the perfect pair of jeans?” The truth is, I struggled with the answer. How do you find that perfect fit?! What is the recipe for those jeans, how do we find them, and what is the key ingredient used. I realized there is no simple answer, or easy fixes to this problem. I think everyone (girls and guys too) struggle to find jeans that fit them perfectly. So as I looked through my closet, I asked myself which pair of jeans do I love the most and why? I realized my answer, but I also realized it may not work for everyone. Finding that perfect fit is not the same for all, but maybe a recipe will work! You can always modify ingredients to finding your own jeans. Below are the ingredients to how I find mine! I hope it helps you find yours!



  1. Knowing your favorite fit and what works for your body. My favorite fit: SKINNY JEANS my closet is full of them, thank gosh they have not gone outta style. What’s your favorite fit? Narrow down the selection, is it flare, high rise or boot cut?
  2. Expand your budget a little. The BEST jeans I own are the ones I spent a little more money on. Not constantly “tugging” at my jeans all day is important. They also tend to last a lot longer!
  3. Stores: My personal favorite store to shop for jeans is Nordstrom. They have a great selection and I can take a ton into the dressing room. If you find a store that has multiple fits and brands it makes finding them a ton easier.
  4. Know which Brands work best for you, every brand has a different cut, length etc. My top three brands for jeans are: 1. Citizen of Humanity 2. Guess 3. Express
  5. Close but not perfect? Have a tailor do the rest. I have taken a few pairs of jeans to my local tailor. They can adjust a lot to make them fit you perfectly.

What are your “INGREDIENTS” to find your perfect pair of jeans! Add to the “baking jean” list below!



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