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The jail stripes of imperfections! When you start a fashion blog, you think to yourself. FUN, FASHION, PHOTOS, INSPIRATION. Trust me I had no idea I was going to become a writer! Now you find me carrying around a pad of paper everywhere I go! Let me just say writing is not my strong suite. I did not major in English, and the truth is I fail at it miserably. So if you catch a run on sentence, or a few hundred grammar mistakes. I do apologize. Here is what I think about an imperfection. We all have them, we can not be perfect in every area. So as I “write on” know this. I realize hiring an editor would be ideal. Yes, I do get comments from others when they catch my silly mistakes! Thing is….. I may write too much, have too many grammar mistakes, but I’m owning this. Bonus, the great part is YOU KNOW IT’S REALLY ME! It’s not an editor or someone else, it is just me. It’s truly my life, my stories, my writing. So if you find someone criticizing your imperfection. Learn from it, but know that no one is perfect! There is always something someone will find in anything you do! OPPS, was it there or their? Just kidding!



Top & Scarf – The Blue Door Boutique (sold out), Leggings – Forever 21, Socks – DSW (old school), Boots – Charlotte Russe – (similar not exact)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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