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Seriously, how do we do it? We are all working though an hourly… daily… even weekly windstorm?! So yeah… where’s that sign up sheet, ya know the one where you just unwind? I was looking forward to days filled with massages, relaxation and rest. Instead it’s a constant battle of what wins for the day! I’m not signing up for massages these days, I’m on the phone for SIX hours trying to sign up for unemployment! (Can I just say this… that is WAY to long to be on the phone for anything!). My list of things to do is getting longer and longer, and I was completely shocked by the amount I have not got done. How do we all do it? Balance so much on our plates, and come out looking pretty. It’s like saying here ya go babe welcome to your HURRICANE, now just relax in the middle of it. Oh yeah, and pull yourself together then walk out looking and feeling your very best. Are you nuts? We all should be having breakdowns every minute of the day! We don’t though. We are filling our plates to the MAX these days! Heck just trying to fit in the doctor is tricky these days! Who has time for the appointments much less all the tests and follow up visits! SIDE NOTE: Does anything stay the same, or has everything closed or relocated too? I have been running around like a crazy person just trying to find doctor offices, labs and even post offices! Everything has either closed or moved. This is what we call stress free living? This blog is simply to remind everyone that you are not alone. We all juggle and have our own little “windstorms” these days.


Wear something like this adorable side cut top! When the wind blows it actually looks adorable, so you can “look cute” in the middle of your storm! xo!


Sweater – (Banana Republic), T-Shirt – (H&M, similar not exact), Jeans – (PAIGE, Nordstrom), Jacket – (Free People), Sunglasses – (Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut), Boots – (Corral), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani)


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