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Shooting in the middle of winter, in the freezing cold, with ripped up jeans on! What other photographer would jump on board for this crazy shoot? Everything truly does happen for a reason! Ever feel like this pair of jeans (all ripped up and full of holes)?? I promise you this, surround yourself with the right people, a creative vision, and MAGIC always happens!

Have a little MAGIC happening in your life? Need an engagement shoot in the middle of the snow? Maybe you’re about to have a baby, or would like some fantastic family photos? Or even better yet, did you get engaged and now you are ready to plan that dream wedding???? My sweetheart of a friend and fearless photographer is ready for you! Visit Southpark Mall for the Bridal show happening this Saturday and Sunday. Katrina is sure to create some MAGIC for you, no matter what you’re planning!

Extra photo credit and “extra magic” happened for me on this shoot! I’m thrilled to provide you with a “Behind the Scenes” look at Katrina and myself! Photography, friendship, fashion and fearless vision! I love this journey! Don’t let life pass you by! A very special thank you to both of these photographers for making this journey of mine so very special! More magic awaits!



Chunky Sweater – Forever 21, Jeans – Top Shop (Nordstroms), Bootie – ‘Trolley’ Ankle Bootie (Nordstroms), Touchscreen Gloves – Target


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller


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