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Don’t you agree, that little pop of spring is a refreshing feel? Are you stuck in this deep dark winter? Me too, as I pondered about it… I decided it’s time to CHANGE MY THOUGHTS! So, flip the calendar with me and let’s have some March Madness fun! Since we are all going a little MAD these days, let’s remember the simple things that can make a BIG impact! Just like looking at these beautiful tulips! Every Friday I will share something small that makes me COMPLETELY happy! Just like seeing these tulips! Life is always changing, let’s STOP and smell the flowers sometimes?! Realize that small things make a BIG impact. I can’t wait to share with you, my little accomplishments, big accomplishments and MARCH MADNESS! Join me every Friday in March as I share little simple joys! Please share yours along the way! What’s your favorite flower, where do you love to get them?

MINE: Tulips & Calla Lilies
PLACE: Trader Joe’s
WHY: FLOWERS UNDER $5.00! I think that is a great start to getting outta the dark! Plus I can multi-task and grocery shop!