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Making a simple summer statement can be easy! Want to make your wardrobe less complicated? This outfit is so effortless, and yes can work for anyone! When faced with too many choices, sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. I’m relating it to the ice-cream shop stare off. We stand there faced with decisions on flavors, toppings, cone vrs cup… and it’s a little intimidating. So in a world filled with color and flavors how do we decide? Simple answer = use neutrals and add a color. I’m pairing two neutrals here (scarf and pants), while adding in my color choice of mint (shirt). I absolutely adore this top, for the visual interest on the sleeves and side. Next time you are wondering what to wear, make it effortless. Or just go get ice-cream, it is sure to help any day or decision! Mint Chocolate Chip anyone?


Need that amazing mint top, visit April Snow Boutique.
Need ice-cream inspiration, visit Mitchell’s.
Need that scarf, stay tuned it’s going to be included in a give-a-way coming soon!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Kubicina

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