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It’s Monday, it’s Memorial Day, summer is right around the corner so let’s get motivated! I’m sharing some of my “tips and tricks” that keep me going to the gym. Yes, we all struggle including me! Still I always feel better after a workout! So here goes! Five tips that keep me going to the gym! Don’t beat yourself up if you eat too much today, just try and work it off one day this week! xo – Lisa

  1. Do something simple. PLANKS: You can plank at home, any season, any time. I find them to be much more productive then sit-ups.
  2. The time will pass anyways. GO: If you spend an hour on Facebook, watching TV, or even that extra hour in bed. The time is going to pass anyways. So why not spend it giving quality time to your heath?
  3. Keep it simple. Sometimes we tend to overdue it at the gym. I find simple movements can bring my massive results. Isolation Exercises are some of my favorites.
  4. Try something new. It’s crazy how much my workouts have changed. I used to do weights, now I use resistance bands. I used to run, now I swim. Don’t be afraid of change you might see better results. I did!
  5. Clothes. This might sound silly but finding the right workout gear can really help! I am highlighting Nike cause I love the fit. I can move freely and I am always comfortable. (My girlfriend also agreed with me that capris are better for working out then pants.)

So what get’s you motivated to workout on this Memorial Day? I would love to hear in the comment section below!

PS: Click on any of the links below to go directly to that piece of clothing. This Nike bag is only $30.00 and I love it! (PS: Dick’s Sporting Goods always has coupons, you can easily get $10.00 off!)


Top – (Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods), Capris – (Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods), Shoes – (Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods), Bag – (Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Kubicina

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