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It’s the night before Christmas and I have a story to tell!!! After you read, will you take on this tradition as well?

When a gift becomes a memory, it goes way beyond just being a gift. It brings life, love and happiness for years to come. Have a little one, and need some last minute gift help? Buy an ornament and pop it into their stocking! Be prepared for, yes, a little mocking. Your reward is waiting… I promise 25 years later you will see tears dropping!

So… 1. Grab your hot cocoa (mug from Sur la Table)… 2. Now you need a blanket (love this one from Pottery Barn)… 3. Finally, eat one of those “for Santa” treats! (cupcake from Fragapane’s in Rocky River).

Every year at the holidays, my great aunt would send me a card with money and an ornament. As a kid, of course I was super excited for the money, and not so excited about the ornament. I remember saying to my mom, “Why does she send me an ornament every year?” It was so confusing. What was I to do with an ornament? I really did not understand it, but each year the tradition continued. Well, turns out she was setting me up to have a tree that could be decorated in full! Not one that was bare, mine you see was extremely extraordinaire! So, as we all snuggle in with our hearts so bright, may you fill those stocking with a gift of light! Happy holidays from my heart to yours!!! I love you all!!! All opinions expressed are my own. – XO! Lisa


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