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Ever feel like you are constantly fighting with your clothes? Or have that statement “It looks good on her, but will never look like that on me?” Well let me introduce you to the pencil skirt! Trust me you do NOT have to be a pencil to wear a pencil! Pencil skirts are a great staple piece, beyond that “little black dress”! I promise you, no matter what your shape or size there is one out there for you! Now a few things to keep in mind. Length and color do matter. So for example if you are short go for one that hits at your knees. Why….. having one to long will create the illusion that you are shorter. For me (at 5′ 5″) the longer lengths work, keep in mind the taller you are the longer the skirt can be! Color, we all love black it is a true go to color I suggest trying others! I am show casing blue here, because I think personally think blue is the new black. Try out a different color and see if it works for you! See the white one I have linked in below, I would purchase it myself if I was not budgeting! (If not I promise that Black Pencil is still there!)



Top – (old school, sorry!) try Express – this one, Skirt – Kingdom & Stake (similar not exact, but love the WHITE!), High Heels – Jessica Simpson (Dillards)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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