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I wanted to start a little series of blogs… to show some “Behind the Scenes” truth’s about blogging. In today’s day we tend to look only at the “now”. The thing that is in front of us, at that particular time & moment. Wonder if we looked beyond, dug deeper into the hard work of others? It’s easy to look at a picture and say “Oh she looks great, or sure she can wear that!” Truth is we become a little numb these days, talking without thinking first. We brush things off and don’t always see the bigger picture. I love this blog, and I love blogging. I love fashion, I love photography. I love inspiring others. There are also things you don’t see. A ton of hard work that goes into each and every blog. So, my first blogging truth is about outfits and weather. Most of us bloggers freeze our tails off, and you would never know it. We do such a good job smiling though the cold, I am amazed we all don’t have frost bite! See photo shoots are normally done outside. Now living in Cleveland that means we have a ton of COLD, RAINY, SNOWY, WINDY days! You often don’t get a warm perfect day to shoot! I actually try and avoid shooting my hands because sometimes they are blue. Yes, literally blue because I am so cold. It’s worth every freezing moment, but truth is often times it’s COLD! (did I trick you, do I look warm?) This serious will continue off and on, as I want to share with you some inside scoop!


Color, many of us shy away from bright colors. As we enter into the summer months, (can I say thank GOSH!) Try neons! They simply highlight your features. Heck why were neon highlighters invented? To highlight things people, so HIGHLIGHT YOURSELF! What’s your favorite neon color and why?


Tunic – (Anthropologie), Jeans – (Anthropologie: Pilcro, similar not exact), Bootie – (Free People), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani)


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