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Is it really turning into fall??? Where did summer go??? This ombré outfit reminds me of how the seasons change… The time of year where colors change, air gets cooler, and wardrobes start to switch over… Just like the “ombré” gradual tones going from one color to another…

Summer truly is happiness for me!!! TIME moves so fast (YES!!! Just like the seasons!!!)… Don’t miss a moment, take some time to embark on all the summer adventures you’ve had!!! So before I make the “ombré switch” and change my wardrobe… i’m doing the same!!!

This summer was TRULY AMAZING!!! It was not because I took a big fancy vacation, or because I won the lotto… it was all the little things!!! The sunsets, bike rides, beach adventures, country concerts (did I mention the singing???), special grilled dinners (okay a lot of dinners cause we all know I can’t cook!!!), morning breakfasts, coffee, coffee and MORE coffee, ice cream that melted into the hot sun, tailgates, parking lot parties, one spoon wonders, photo shoots, car rides, dancing, and so much MORE!!!

I took the journey of #100happydays and I truly found that EVERYDAY can be a HAPPY DAY!!! Just ask yourself “What was the best part of your day???” Hope everyone can answer that question with a HUGE smile!!! I know I can!!!



Top – Anthropologie, Jeans – Anthropologie, Cami – The Blue Door Boutique, Earrings – Target, Shoes (NONE!!! Who needs shoes at the beach or SOCKS!!!)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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