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As we all count down to celebrate the new year. I think it is important to remember others in need. I came across One Hope Wine, and I loved it immediately! Have you heard of it? If not, live links are below. It hits home for so many reasons! (Okay yes I did love this sparkly bottle of champagne, what fashion blogger wouldn’t?) Truth is as many of us are raising our glasses to celebrate, others are struggling. Have you struggled throughout something this past year? I know I have! We all have rough times in one way or another. What helps? Giving! Giving to others, giving to ourselves and giving hope! Having HOPE that things will get better when times our tough! See the link below, but if you buy a box know this. Every box provides 25 meals to a child in need through world food program.

What gives you HOPE?

I would love to hear what you support and why.

I support ONE HOPE for the following reasons.

  1. I do love Champagne, and look at this bottle. Not only did I receive this amazing bottle it came with two stunning champagne flutes!
  2. Great cause, HALF of profits go to End Childhood Hunger! (can we just say amazing!)
  3. You are able to chose another charity if you like to donate (I did, and it was Breast Cancer awareness)
  4. GIVE! Give awareness, give hope! Remember as we Cheer in the New Year to move forward! Give hope to someone who needs it! You could make their day!



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