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Super busy these days, me too! When a fashion blogger is a having a tough time finding time to shop you know it’s bad! Lately I’m living on coffee more then food. (Special thanks to my amazing husband who seriously cooks for me almost everyday!) So if I don’t have time to shop, do you? This past year has been a whirl-wind of changes for me and time has become more precious! If it’s kids, work, or just a busy day…. who has time? Did you make it to the store (other then the Target and Starbucks run?) It’s becoming a common problem people! Need a better fix then caffeine, I do! Join me and shop online! It’s simple quick and most of the time you can get a great deal. One of my favorite online stores is The Pink Lily Boutique, and where this hooded shirt is from. Sizes always fit true and prices are reasonable. Did I mention they do GREAT give-a-ways on Facebook? Definitely check them out!

Below are a list of some “tips and tricks” to make your online shopping experience a great one!

  1. Never pay for shipping. You can sign up for emails, or just order the “minimum” to get free shipping and then return what you don’t like to the store. (good luck returning, most of the time the “extras” land in my closet!)
  2. Look at the reviews. The online reviews are very helpful! Top was to small or material was not what I expected. Or color is completely different. They truly help! I have not found most of the reviews to be very accurate!
  3. The “online clothing models” Use yourself as a guide. So for example I would reference models with blonde hair or green eyes over others. Why, your features, hair color, eye color tend to matter. It might look great on the model, but it just may not go with your look. If you are brunette try and look at the brunette models and the colors they wear.
  4. “Like” there page on Facebook or other social media outlets. YES sign up for the stores emails. ESPECIALLY if you know you are going to buy something there soon! (Yes I know to many emails and postings can get annoying.) So limit them to the top ten stores you really like. You can always unsubscribe!


Shirt – The Pink Lilly Boutique, Jeans – Free People, Jacket – Target, Boots – Steve Madden (similar not exact)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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