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For those of you that don’t know I am a Graphic Designer by day. I “pattern play” not only in my wardrobe but my lifestyle. Being a little “OCD” sometimes I can go overboard wanting everything to match perfectly. We have to learn as we go right? Well, I’m learning more about myself everyday! So does everything really have to be perfect? I often hear from others “shopping just is not fun!” So let’s make it fun, not perfect! Look at all these crazy patterns and see what inspires you! What colors can you combo? What patterns can you pair? Try strips with dots, or black with brown, or blue with burnt sienna like I have done here! I am learning that “life / fashion / daily routines” do not have to be perfect! Sometimes the imperfections are my best designs or greatest wardrobe outfits!



Have trouble deciding what colors go when trying to “mix” it up? Here is an easy tip…. Take a dark with a light. So in this look I have taken a lighter blue dress and paired it with a deeper color wrap. I have keep the “neutral” color the same using a light cream to make the look feel finished.



Trashing the dress was so fun and “not perfect”. I loved the feeling of just letting go of my perfectionist side and getting this dress soaking wet and full of sand! It was so much fun!



Dress – Banyan Tree, Sweater Wrap – Forever 21, Belt – Francesca’s, Earrings – Target


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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