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Oh me, oh my… is it really October? Before we know it snow will be here! (Soooooooo, not ready!) Instead of preparing for that snow suit, let’s show a little. BRA STRAPS, yes I just said that. How do we feel about them? Do you like clear ones? Do you mind seeing them, and does it bother you if you do? Does color matter? Or, do you think it all looks like a bikini… so what’s the difference? (If any guys are reading, the same thought is having your pants pulled down so low we can all see your boxers!) Sometimes the sexiest way to show something, is by showing a little. Think less is more! To me a hint of lace or a hint of color is just enough! For example: If you are a country lover… girls do you agree, seeing a touch of Luke Bryan’s boxers is enough to make you scream?! Seeing too much is enough to well, make us run! So, “snow” a little (but not to much!) before the real snow comes! Agree or disagree? As always, thanks for reading! XX! – Lisa



Sweater – (Free People), Lace Bra – (Free People), Jeans – (Free People), Booties – (Free People), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani)