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Don’t give up on a dream! Have an idea of how your day “should” go? Then it turns into something completely different? You had a plan, a goal, a dream. Then BOOM life sets in or a “roadblock” appears and it stops you. Question is do you let these roadblocks stop you or do you push on? I could literally go on for days about the roadblocks I’ve been presented with these days! It’s easy to get caught up in them, and sometimes they slow you down, but never let them stop you! Do you have something that you have been wanting to do, but for whatever reason it’s not happening? Is it something simple like making a return to the mall, or maybe getting a tattoo, starting that workout routine? Mine, well it was getting my passport! I have been wanting to do this for awhile, and it just has not happened. Get this the day I tried I hit a roadblock too! My day did not go as planned! I was all set to turn in my application when BOOM, so did the rest of the world. The line simply was to long, and they closed the offices before I could turn it it. I was sad and discouraged but still determined. Back I went and the second time I was the first in line! I even have my passport officially in my hands, which is a crazy feeling! I have ten years to actually use this thing right? So, spin the globe, close your eyes… then when you feel ready open them, where did you land? Enjoy the unexpected road-bumps of life! It’s now official April what would you like to accomplish? Big or small? Tell me, I would love to hear!


Double up a scar for a dramatic effect. I have used two different scarf’s here and just wrapped them together for a fun look!


Thermal – (Free People), Jeans – (Free People), Jewelry – Alex and Ani, Solid Scarf – (Charming Charlie, similar not exact), Printed Scarf – (Francesca’s, similar not exact)


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