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If you are an early bird, or a late night owl I’ve learned staying on a schedule is SUPER important! Sure, we all have the occasional late nights, or days we have to be up super early. What I’ve found is our bodies respond best to a routine schedule. If one day you are up at 5:00am going to bed at 11:00pm, the next day up at 8:00am and in bed at 9:00pm this takes a toll on your body. It is especially evident in those tired looking eyes! So, if you are finding yourself using your sunglasses for more than the sun, maybe it’s time to implement a routine that works for you! Your body and eyes will thank you for it!

PS: Did you not love these boot toppers and mitts from the give-away? I have linked them below so you can purchase them easily! They are a must have! All opinions expressed are my own.


AIMG_9561 AIMG_9558 AIMG_9553 AIMG_9572 AIMG_9568 AIMG_9564 AIMG_9563 AIMG_9556


OUTFIT DETAILS: Tunic – (Forever 21, similar not exact), Jeans – (Paige), Jacket – (Free People), Blanket Scarf – (April Snow Boutique, call to order!), Sunglasses – (Ray-Ban: Sunglass Hut), Liani Boot Toppers – (Mamina, i’m wearing Barley), Madova Mitts – (Mamina, i’m wearing Barley)