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It’s crazy how fast the years go by! These days there are so many fashion rules I can’t keep up! Wear this, but don’t wear that. Plus all the “do’s and don’ts” of fashion! Who says you can’t wear a mini skirt at any age? Or that adults can’t shop in the kids department too? The kids department always has cutest stuff and I get inspired just looking around! Now, why is that? Kids are playful and fun, they don’t care what the world thinks of their outfit. They wear whatever they want, and I love that! You see a little girl wearing a sweat shirt with a tutu and everyone says “look at her she is so cute!” Now do that as an adult and we all judge. Why? I feel it is important to be true to your own self. Be true to your fashion and your taste! If it is on the “do or don’t” list who cares? I love this “school girlish outfit”, now maybe everyone will say I am to old for this, or that skirt is to short. Should we really all walk around in the same outfits? Looking like clones of each other? For me I want to have fun with my fashion and not care, just be a kid at heart! Wear what you love, create your own style and forget your age. Life is better when you stop worrying about what others think!



Dress – Express, Shirt – Banana Republic, Shoes – Payless, Necklaces – Banana Republic and Target, Belt – Francesca’s


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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