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Yes, the grown up tea party is here! First let’s flash back to our youth! Anyone have a tea party with their stuffed animals, siblings, friends and family? I’m pretty sure TEA is where the party started for many of us. Well today tea has taken on an entire new meaning! Founder and “TeaEO” Ryan Florio is not only creative and talented (have you seen this packaging), he has embarked on a new trend! Tea parties for grown ups! What am I talking about? Well, tea is not just for sipping and chatting anymore! It’s become the grown up version for your latest party! We should all be jumping on the party bus for the health benefits alone! Inca Tea has no preservatives, is non-gmo, gluten-free, 100% natural and hand-blended. So how can it possibly get any better? These original tea blends each have an amazing unique flavor, so if you drink it hot or cold you are in for a real treat! One step further… have you thought of doing a “mixed” drink with your tea? You have the health benefits, the great taste and a little party treat for your over 21+ guests! Now that’s a “grown-up tea party” if you ask me! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner give Inca Tea a try! As always thanks for reading! Xo – Lisa

My favorite flavors are the Peruvian Spiced Berry and Pachamama Green Tea (with coconut) both such a treat!



Tea-Shirt – (Inca Tea), Boxed Tea – (Inca Tea), Sweater – (Francesca’s), Jeans – (Paige: Anthropologie), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani)