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The deep “winter blues” spell. I’m there, where has the sun gone? Can it please come back out and play? Being a summer girl when the weather turns to cold and gray I find my wardrobe does the same. As I look through my fall/winter wardrobe it’s a little depressing “wear is the sun”?! Enough with the grays/blacks/browns let’s talk about BLUE! It’s a universal color if you ask me! Why do you think they are called “BLUE” jeans. Blue compliments every skin tone and hair color and looks good on any gender! So I am bringing back the sunshine and color! Showing off a little bit of skin in the middle of winter is fun right? With the perfect pop of color BLUE! I’m officially releasing us outta our deep winer blues! Spell is broken! Go get your Blue on!



Sweater – Jessica Simpson (Dillard’s), Jeans – Guess, Boots – Jessica Simpson (I don’t remember, they are way old! Lol Macy’s or Dillards), Bracelet’s – Forever 21 and Dick’s Sporting Goods



Yes the bright yellow fluorescent bracelet is from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is actually a Power Balance Silicone Wristband. I have horrible tendonitis in my wrist. This bracelet is fashion friendly and helps ease my pain. No one ever knows I am wearing something to help improve my health.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Diller

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