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How do I begin, where do I start!? I was simply overwhelmed with joy when I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Who nominated me, the one and only Meghan Westbrook. Don’t know her? STOP everything right now and follow her! She is the world cutest SUPERMOM and the QUEEN of multi-tasking. She puts me to shame! I only “thought” I could mulit-talk, this girl can do it all and is a pleasure to follow! Thank you sweetheart for this nomination!

What is “The Liebster Award”? The award is simply given to new bloggers from other bloggers. (How sweet is this?) Qualifications are you must be a blogger who is just starting out, and have a following of less than 1000. Next, nominees will answer 11 questions chosen from the nominator. After the nominee has shared, they in turn award another blogger with the Liebster Award and 11 followup questions. After nominated, you simply link back to the blogger who nominated you! So here I go!

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
    Here’s how my story went! If you know me I am simply NOT camera shy! Never have been, if something was upsetting me… literally you could put a camera in front of me, take my picture and I was a happy girl! (Silly right?). One day I realized that life seriously is NOT a fairytale. It is your own life story and I simply wanted to share mine! Share and TELL about laughter, love, friendships, family, fashion and hardships too! Show that if you have confidence in yourself you can accomplish anything!
  2. What has been your favorite post and why?
    Truly it is titled “NEW CHAPTERS” and is a recent post, very raw and real. I have recently lost my job, and it took me awhile to open up about it. Once I started, I felt a huge sigh of relief. Writing in general has been a hidden gift. Personally, I love tying real life situations along with my fashion. Fashion is always changing and so is my life – I keep telling myself change is good! We are not alone, and finding our voice helps others know we all go through struggles! One of the best things about the fashion blogging community is the openness to share. I have found many of us “fashionista’s” are going through our own individual battles. Blogging about it not only helps us, it helps others!
  3. Who is behind the scenes of your blog?
    I am the editor, sometimes photographer, and full time graphic designer behind my blog. I have a wonderful friend/photographer who is behind me 110%. Most of you know her but if you don’t please visit Katrina Diller/Kubicina at Love is all you need Photography. She was the very first one to help me start this blog, and has supported me as a friend/photographer ever since! (love you hunnie!) I have another photographer who recently came into my life and has been beyond helpful! She is charismatic, fun loving and super chic! When they say everything happens for a reason they truly mean it! Marsha Gaul, you are gifted! Thank you for helping me! Finally, to help pull my vision into reality I have the at team AMPEDcreativ. I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful Jeremy and his wife Dona are! They treat me like family! Which leads me to my friends and family. My close friends and family listen to me, let me run ideas off them, take time to comment, look for mistakes and just help me be a better blogger daily!
  4. What has been the biggest bonus of blogging for you?
    Seeing how inter-active and helpful others have been with my little blog. If it’s helping others through my writing or fashion, it is a HUGE bonus, and EXTREMELY rewarding! When I go to my friends house and she says something like “that really helped” I light up! That’s a priceless gift! I must be doing something right? I also love taking pictures and I used to be this crazy person going around begging everyone to take pictures with me. Hearing everyone say “no” for the millionth time just got old! So being able to go on photo shoots, explore new places and have an artistic look at photography through fashion has been really fun and rewarding!
  5. What is your favorite food?
    I have a few, can’t pick just one. #1 is oatmeal. I eat it everyday for breakfast and I never get tired of it. Blueberries and Walnuts are the perfect topping! #2 peanut butter. I can eat spoonfuls right out of the container, my favorite afternoon snack with a green apple. #3 whip cream. It’s my go to dinner when my husband does not cook (or I’m stressed out!) #4. Halibut it is probably the best dish my husband makes, and when it is fresh from Alaska there is nothing like it! #5. Crème Brûlée Dessert it is beyond PERFECT! #6. FOOD. I just plain like food. Everyone tends to think I don’t eat, it’s so the opposite all I do is eat!
  6. What can always be found in your handbag?
    The expected ones are gum and a hair comb. The unexpected one is the little letter “B”. I had sever vertigo issues and went through a time in Physical Therapy with this letter “B”. It got me through a really rough time, and always gave me clear direction. When I get lost I look at it and remember what I have been through and that I will get through this too!
  7. What are you passionate about outside of blogging?
    Swimming. I try and swim three times a week. I love any kind of exercise though! Sewing. Although I don’t have a sewing machine I love it! It was something I learned to do at Bonne Bell, and I will miss it! Sewing up little bags was an exiting part of my job!
  8. What is your favorite movie and why?
    The Avengers. Because I was an extra in the movie. (more to come on this, as I actually am going to make an entire blog about this experience.)
  9. What is one thing you have to have everyday?
    I would love to say sunshine, cause it plain makes me happy! If I can’t get it I am popping a Vitamin D everyday! Coffee for sure 😉
  10. What have you used to help your blog succeed?
    The Blog Issue and the creator Savannah Larsen. Taking the webinar class with Savannah Larsen one of the best things I ever did! If you have not looked into this I would highly suggest it!
  11. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
    I would love to have a personal shopping experience section. Expand on more give-a-way’s, my first one was so much fun! Incorporate local stores, hair salons, “best of sections” for the city and shopping! Maybe even a portfolio section, and freelance Graphic Design work!

I would like to nominate three amazing bloggers! (and “sorry not sorry” but I am RULE BREAKING for two of them.) If you know me at all I do tend to break a few rules. If you don’t life is just not fun! Plus, you need to check out these first two bloggers! Yes, they have over 1000 followers, but I love them and so will you! For any of you strict “rule” followers, I also included one that follows all guidelines!


  1. First is Ashley, she is beyond adorable! Mega positive all the time, even though she has a ton on her plate! She is super supportive and does a great job at showing “real” life. I know we would be BFF’s if she was my neighbor! Trust me you will feel the same way!
  2. Second is Savannah, the founder of The Blog Issue. BUT >>>> GET THIS, she not only runs The Blog Issue, she recently started her own blog. WOWZA! That’s a girl I want to follow! You literally need to “take her lead” she is rocking it in more ways then one!
  3. Third and final is Lacey, I recently found her blog, I was hooked. You will be too just read her “14 Lessons I learned in 2014” blog and trust me you will want to follow her! Great Blog great gal!

I ask all three of these girls to answer the same questions.

Photography: Katrina Diller

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