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It’s 5’oclock somewhere! Is it time to play yet? Ever feel like you are working for the weekend? (Especially after a nice long weekend with friends and family?) A typical work week in the land of corporate America… feel repetitive to you? You get up, you go to work, you check emails, you attend meetings, you dress-to-impress. Somewhere in the midst of your day… you try and fit in calls or texts to loved ones. Sometimes you skip lunch, or miss that the sun was out! Your day is rushed, by the time you get home, you are exhausted. Is it time for play yet? Most of us have two lives, or more! Once you get off work, another life starts. If it’s hugging your kids, kissing significant others, making time for a workout, dinner, dishes, etc. (don’t even get me started on chores!) We all can relate, if it’s not corporate America, maybe you are a stay-at-home mom, or a girl writing a blog who just lost her job and is trying to find her way. When I was shooting down at The Arcade of Cleveland, it hit me. “The Arcade” back in the day we would run to the arcade to play. The real arcade, (am I to old for some of you to remember?) Proving my point that everything is at our finger tips these days. Summer is here, don’t forget that “long weekend aka old arcade” feel. PS: Does those old arcades even exist now days?


Check out the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade, it’s in the heart of Cleveland and stunning in every way! We stayed there and enjoyed being in the heart of the city!


Double Trouble, yes those are two different shirts I’m wearing. Here’s the trick: One shirt needs to be fitted, the other a little bigger. Wear the bigger one on top of the fitted and it gives a fun look!


Light Gingham Shirt – (Mindy Mae’s Market), Hot Gingham Shirt – (Banana Republic, similar not exact), Herringbone Skirt – (Mindy Mae’s Market), High Heels – (Calvin Klein, old school), Jewelry – (Alex and Ani)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Kubicina