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Unexpected surprises are the best kinds in life. The ones you don’t think will happen, than all of a sudden something wonderful appears. I have three surprises for YOU TODAY! Hope you enjoy them and much as I did! As always thanks for reading!

  1. Meet “Walter” the apple eating machine! As we were shooting, he would come up and eat the apples right off the tree! He even stole two out of my bag! It was really cute! Don’t go to just any apple orchard, go to Quarry Hill Orchards, where you meet Walter!
  2. I totally did not expect a winery to be next door to the apple orchard! Although Quarry Hill Winery was closed it was a sight to see! They even have a list of live entertainment! Cutie pie dogs, apples and now wine who can resist?
  3. Need a change up from your jeans? Try these pants from Urban Outfitters. They have the perfect amount of stretch and they come in a ton of colors! So unexpected!

All opinions expressed are my own. – Lisa


OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater – (Banana Republic, similar not exact), Vest – (Express), Pants – (Urban Outfitters), Boots – (Steve Madden, similar not exact)