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While some of us are naturally artistic, others struggle to find that creative side. Art swirls all around us these days, are you brave enough to wear it?! After a much needed visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art I found myself filled with inspiration. (Yes, even artists have those days where we need a little jolt!) When colors are blended together so beautifully it makes anyone feel incredible! The magnificent colors on this top are quite magical, wearing it I even inspired another to buy it! You never know who you are influencing! Any guesses on who it was? Till then, be a walking work of art! Your creative side is there, just try wearing it! If you need help these amazing metallic tattoos are going to be part of a give-a-way soon!


Need this outfit, visit April Snow Boutique. (jeans too, can I just say perfect fit!)
Need some artistic inspiration visit the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Need those metallic tattoos, they are going to be part of a give-a-way soon!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Kubicina

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