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When to wear, how to wear, what days of the year to wear on!? We all need a flippin’ rule book to follow all the “rules” that come along with wearing white these days! Winter white, no white after labor day, white on white, don’t wear white to a wedding (unless your the BRIDE, then white it is!), wear white bikini’s yes or no?! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! So… on this Wednesday let’s talk about wearing white. Do you follow these rules, do you agree, have any “wardrobe wearing white rules” of your own?! I would love to hear in the comments section below!

  1. WINTER WHITE: This is an amazing idea, and if you pull this off more power to you! Each winter I say… “I’m going to wear winter white!” Simply never happens. Why? Well, I have one word, MUD. I’m not sure if it’s living in Cleveland or living with my husband. Everytime I try to wear white in winter I just end up with mud all over myself.
  2. NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY: This rule I tend to break. Do you? The rule I was wondering about is when do we all bring it back out again? Do we have a “WEAR WHITE NOW?” rule? I am picking TODAY! Wednesday White May 13th! Lol. New Fairy Tell Fashion rule.
  3. WHITE BIKINI’S (yes or no): I am a firm believer in NO WHITE BIKINIS. Let’s face it girls, unless the lining is like triple the thread count. We all know it shows to much. If you find one that is amazing and is not see through, give me the maker!
  4. WEDDING WHITE: Wearing a white dress to someone else’s wedding. I say this is a BIG no-no. Until I realized I did this myself. (True, I wore I white top, with a black skirt.) I literally did not even think about it cause it was a top and not a dress. Tip here, even when you don’t mean to break a rule sometimes it happens! Let’s try and give those brides white for the day? Agree or disagree?
  5. WHITE ON WHITE IS A GO: I am of course loving this white on white trend! I do find it works better when the whites actually match. I tried it with another pair of jeans which were slightly off white. Personally I was not a huge fan. I think there are some colors that look good mixed together I am not finding this to be the case here. What are your thoughts on white on white? Have you tried it?
  6. WHITE HIGH HEELS (yes or no): I’m not sure if there is a “set” rule for this or not. Although I have never found a pair of white high heels I like. So when it comes to white on white, should we stop at the shoe? I’m thinking the answer is yes. My pairing was red, this added some dramatic interest. Need to keep it neutral, a nude high-heel is a beautiful touch. What are your thoughts on white high heels?


Sweater – (H&M), Jeans – (Nordstrom; 7-For-All-Mankind®), Cami – (Express), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani), High-Heels – (DSW, Calvin Klein; sorry old school)


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