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Think back, look back, travel back in time. If you had a wish, which fashion era would you travel back to? It’s a fun thought really. Playing dress up for different time periods. Every decade has a different vibe, feel and look. Some make us laugh (can I say cuffed pants), some make us feel FREE! Want to transpose yourself to peace, love and happiness? Sounds pretty hippie chick to me. Headbands have come back in full force these days, especially floral ones. I’m teaming up with April Snow Boutique to provide you guys with an incredible gift basket. This headband will be part of it! So we can all feel happy and hippie! Till then peace out!


Need this STUNNING KIMONO, buy it here “Gorgeous Kimono“.
Need that amazing detailed top, visit April Snow Boutique.
Need that floral headband, don’t go anywhere! It’s coming to a give-a-way soon!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Kubicina

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