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Are you feeling a little wild these days? If it’s in fashion or life we can all feel like a “wild child” sometimes. Any of these hit home? Wild weather, wild schedules, wild relationships or simply a wild day! So, as we face our individual daily journeys… why not get a little wild with fashion?! This skirt is wild in itself, so typically you would pair it with something basic to tone it down. I decided to get wild and pair it with a puffer vest! None the less, one that has fur! A little wild and crazy right? For me not so much. Let me explain why! Wild schedules are something we all face daily. Especially if you are going from work to play. I heard my sister-in-law say… “I have a million high-heel shoes just sitting in my car cause I want to wear heels, but walk in flats!” The same idea applies here! This look allows you the versatility to make a quick change no matter what “wild adventures” you encounter!

Skirt off, jeans on voilà now you have a completely different look!

Puffer vest off, now simply wear it with the turtleneck. (Wild finances, check out this turtleneck from H&M for only $14.99!)

Take the entire thing off and get in your PJ’s! As always thanks for reading! All opinions expressed are my own. – Lisa


OUTFIT DETAILS:  Puffer Vest – (H&M), Skirt – (Express), Turtleneck – (H&M, similar not exact), Bootie – (Jessica Simpson, found on Amazon here)