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The struggle is real. Writing this blog I was struggling to find the right topic! I had so many ideas, then it hit me. (When you are struggling, ever find the idea is right in front of you?!) There it was “the struggle, the strength, the strive for the success, the ultimate win!” Cleveland sports, let’s face it they have been a struggle. Cleveland fans, let’s face it WE have strength! This Cleveland town, it’s full of hard workers just like you! When you “suit-up” day in and day out, by the end of your hard work day are you ready to play? My guess is the answer is yes! Some of us have that ideal job, where our passion meets the daily grind. Most of us work really hard, and we are simply tired. Our work day is filled with many stresses, struggles and strengths. We are in a furry of checking emails, trying to fit in lunches and hitting deadlines that are sometimes simply unattainable. It’s when you do hit that crazy deadline, that’s when magic starts! You want to scream, jump up and down, then simply stop working and start playing. Right now… this town, this team… we need to make that unattainable play happen! So let’s go “#ALLinCLE” and start watching that magic appear! Any of you proud of doing something that you thought was completely unattainable? My job at Bonne Bell was extremely deadline driven, and many times I was up to that last minute mark. Stressing out to the max. I have no idea how I hit so many crazy deadlines, but I did. So if you only have 24-seconds left to make it could you? Will we do it? “Suit-up Cleveland, I did!”


Pair something “a little business” with something “a little casual” – A fun look having a t-shirt with the blazer.


T-Shirt – (GV Art and Design), Blazer – (H&M), Cami – (Express), Jeans – (Guess, similar not exact), Converse – (DSW), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani), Basketball – (Wilson, Target)


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