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The comparison game, we all get caught up in it. Looking at what others are doing, how they look.. what they have… etc, etc! Ultimately leading us to not feeling comfortable in our own skin. Do you feel pretty today? It’s a question I challenge you to ask yourself!! Are you focusing on the things you like about your body, or just those things you don’t. Believe me I have many areas I don’t like on my body! My hair is actually quite thin… (ohhhh I wish for those long beautiful locks some of you girls have!) My “top” half is actually quite small which I have always been self conscious about… (ohhhh I wish I just filled things out a bit better!) See we all can do it… I challenge you to NOT do what I just did. Think of areas you love on yourself instead. For those “other” areas, you can make them work I promise! My hair might be thin, but a few curls made me feel better. My “top” might not be big… but, I’m pretty sure this cami was made for us “small club” girls. I challenge you to make your wardrobe work for you! More importantly I challenge you to feel comfortable in your own skin! If you have great legs… SHOW THEM OFF! For any of you reading this.. I know you have at least one area you DO like on your body. Focus on it, and make it shine! Enough comparing already, let’s just love our own skin! – Who’s with me?! Fall into fall by loving yourself! Thanks for reading! xo!

PS: This jacket, hello fall fashion! Time to bring out the layers! Quick change from heels to boots, which look do you love?!



Top – (Urban Outfitters), Skirt – (Top Shop), Heels – (Nordstrom), Jacket – (Francesca’s), Bracelets – (Alex and Ani), Boots – (Gianni Bini: Dillard’s, Old School)