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This cold weather has been killer this year! So simple pleasure ready set go! It’s the start of “March Madness” and my simple pleasure Friday’s, so ZOOM IN! Our daily routines can feel like a never ending battle of chores, work, errands, etc. We simply over look or zoom right by the things that gave us happiness. Take a closer look and see what parts of the day you enjoyed! I was having a terrible day and someone said to me “well it’s only 3:20pm, the day is not over how can you change it?” Sometimes in the middle of winter, on a dreary day, we easily focus on the bad. Then I find it ruins our entire day! My simple pleasure reminder today – ZOOM in on something else! Use a magnifying glass to remind yourself of the simple pleasures! We all love our iPads, and iPhones but sometimes it nice to remember those old records, books, and take a break from social media. Today I am simply ZOOMING in, and reminding myself to take breaks from social media. I often get lost in it, and i start comparing myself to everyone else, which easily gets me down. What would you like to ZOOM in on today… to give yourself more happiness?


Thermal – (Free People), Jeans – (Free People), Jewelry – Alex and Ani, Solid Scarf – (Charming Charlie, similar not exact), Printed Scarf – (Francesca’s, similar not exact)


BIMG_7701 BIMG_7706 BIMG_7707 copy BIMG_7710 copy BIMG_7717 copy BIMG_7722 BIMG_7729 copy BIMG_7742 copy IMG_1940 IMG_1946_2